You're Never Too Old -- 94-Year-Old Veteran Takes On Snowmass

"I'm getting too old for this sh*t."

That is a line that has not only been popularized in a ton of movies, but it's something that can be heard anytime, almost anywhere, in the world. You may have said it once or twice yourself. However, the veteran in this feature has no idea what those words mean.

The man featured in this video is Warren Heyer, a World War II veteran who took to the slopes in Snowmass at the age of 94 through the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic.

For almost 30 years this program has helped disabled veterans get on to a set of skis, and not just in downhill. Cross country skiing, hockey, curling, and even a few non-winter sports were avaiable for those looking to get out and stay active.

As a bonus, you can also watch a featurette with actor Erik Stolhanske from the film "Super Troopers" and the sequel.


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