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A Short Featuring Jason Lee, Inventor Of The Mountainboard -- Dry Land Snowboarding

Who remembers seeing mountainboards kicking around their local hill back in the 90s? Honestly, I thought it was cool when they started to arrive on the scene but figured it would just be a fad. I do remember that the idea was kind of cool, being able to continue riding in the summer months with all the feel of a snowboard. However, I can't say that I have seen one in use in many years.

But, what do I know? It looks as if this offseason sport is still alive and well. In this video, the inventor of the board, Jason Lee, gives us a little history lesson into the creation of a board that allowed for the feel of snowboarding anywhere there wasn't snow. We also get a pretty good demonstration from a variety of riders showing that these boards are more than a little versatile.

My question, though, is the same as it always is with summer versions of downhill sports...how does one stop?

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