A Ski Rex Media Trip To The Peace Pipe Rail Jam At Carinthia/Mount Snow

I think we all know by now that I have a hometown connection with Mount Snow. I have that connection because I grew up in that area, so hometown is quite accurate. So, when Mount Snow has an event like the Peace Pipe Rail Jam, I have more than a couple of reason for wanting to get down there.

The Peace Pipe Rail Jam is an end of the season event held at the Carinthia area of Mount Snow to celebrate the season that just passed and the people who came to shred the hill all winter long. It consists of a small rail garden nestled at the end of Inferno with whatever snow happens to be left over. It is something to see a small, well...relatively small, patch of snow sitting amongst all the green of spring, as well as the empty halfpipe walls.

While there, one can see that using the word "Peace" is more than appropriate. Though the rail jam format is basically a free-for-all, there is no pushing or shoving in line. Everyone here plays well with each other. I even saw a guy wipe out, leave the snow, and barrel down the mud, dirt, and rocky hillside only to get up smiling and laughing. It really is just good vibes and a good time.

With the good times comes rail work on a ton of different levels. You can sit and watch a bunch of beginners still trying to find their footing in a freestyle setting to people who could be hitting the pro circuits any day now. There was a rumor kicking around that day about a Red Bull-sponsored athlete being on the hill, but I can not confirm that as of right now.

Right now, with the following photo slideshow, you can take a look at some of the sights from the rail jam yesterday and maybe get a little bit of a feel for what it was all about.


All in all, it was a wicked good time and it was great to see the number of heads that turned out to take part in this one. However, I do have one thing to say about those in attendance. About 98% of those who were riding were dudes! Next time ladies, you have to get out there and represent. There were a handful of women riders out there, but I'm sure they would enjoy the company.


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