An Urban Downhill Run In France Almost Turns Into A Mess

Doing an urban downhill run on a mountain bike is an awesome thing to watch. However, as any cyclist knows, there are always other people around and that needs to be taken into consideration. It this video it looks as if the rider either didn't take that into consideration or just thinks he too good to have to. To save some time, skip to about one minute into the video to see the near hit.

The rider was doing just fine until he came upon the staircase, almost blind to what could be there. I mean, that group of people was taking up the whole staircase, which is kind of rude, but then should bikes even be there at all?

Well, we aren't here to debate that right now. It's just a wonderful thing that everyone was laughing at the situation and not hurt or looking to start a fight or anything like that. As they say, any situation a person can walk away from is a good one.


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