For Those Hiking During The Summer Months -- Two Trails Close Today At Lake Mead

Credit: Tony Webster [CC BY 2.0]
For those of you that are going to be taking in some of the beauty of Nevada by hiking in the offseason, here is an announcement from the National Park Service about the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

From May 15 to September 30 the Goldstrike and White Rock Canyon trails will be closed for the season. This has been a seasonal closure since 2014 after public safety incidents significantly increased.

The Goldstrike Canyon has been described as a strenuous hike, requiring both bouldering and climbing, leading to multiple hot springs and the Colorado River. The White Rock Canyon area, also a similar difficulty, has trails leading to the Arizona Hot Spring, Liberty Bell Arch, and the Colorado River.

It is because these hikes are so strenuous, combined with the extreme heat in the area, that these areas have been closed to the public for the season.

However, the hot springs can still be accessed via the Colorado River and there are other less strenuous trails that will still be open within the park. If you do choose to hike in this area during the summer months, park officials have provided several safety tips online at http://www,

Maps for the closed Goldstrike Canyon and White Rock Canyon areas can also be viewed at the links provided.


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