French Freestyle Skier Kevin Rolland Seriously Injured Attempting Quarter Pipe Record

Kevin Rolland, Sochi, 2014 - Credit: Bike66 [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
It was only last week that David Wise set a record for the highest jump out of a quarter pipe. Wise went to a height of about 38 feet from the top of the ramp to set the new record. He did this at the Audi Nines event in Austria.

It was this past Tuesday, April 30, that French freestyle skier Kevin Rolland attempted the break that record. He was not successful, having suffered several serious injuries. Those injuries include multiple broken bones.

Like David Wise, Rolland is a multi-award winning ski athlete, having won medals in the Olympics and X Games, and a FIS championship in freestyle in 2009.


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