I Can Relate In A Small Way -- READ -- "Man reunited with lost wedding ring, months after losing it at Big White"

Credit: Skitsregan
Typically when people read or hear a story like this it's written off as unbelievable. However, in this case, I have a similar story which makes me believe it.

It would seem that a man, Greg Hedges, took off his gloves under a lift and lost his wedding ring at Big White Ski Resort in British Columbia. This happened back in January. About a week ago a millwright named Eric Bobert found the ring after the snow melted.

Now, a wedding ring is considered a big deal and no one wants to lose one. But, it does happen from time to time. I had an experience with this while on a ski trip back home in southern VT.

One winter a group of my friends and I headed up to Vermont to ski Mount Snow and visit some of my friends that still lived in the area. As is not uncommon for a rental ski house, there was a wood stove. Who doesn't like to use the wood stove? I and one of the other guys went outside to get some wood. While picking up a few pieces, I felt my wedding ring slide right off and into the snow.

We took the wood inside and told the rest of the group what had happened. So, the guys went outside with flashlights to search while the wives, mine included, waited to see if we came up with anything. It was a futile effort, we knew that from the beginning of the search, but we did it anyway.

Fast forward a few months to early summer. We were invited to the area for an event, though I'm not sure which event it was. But, my wife and I had some time to swing by the ski house to see if we could find it since all of the snow had melted by this time. Let me tell you, melted snow makes it easier to find anything.

As we drove up we saw the ring sitting on the ground, shining enough to be a noticeable contrast to the mud it was sitting on. I got out, picked it up, wiped it off, and put it back on. End of story.

So, these things really do happen all of the time. I know other people who have had similar stories, and the story linked below reminded me of my own story. However, mine isn't quite as neat as the story below. It was a bit more unlikely that the ring in the linked story would be found. But, that's kind of awesome that it was.

Man reunited with lost wedding ring, months after losing it at Big White

A man who lost his wedding ring at Big White while skiing in January was reunited with it this month. Greg Hedges said he lost his wedding band after taking his glove off to take a picture of a friend.


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