I Know, NASCAR Isn't A Winter Sport, But It's Funny And Some Of You Follow It During The Offseason

This is a wicked good chuckle and although we talk about winter sports here, we have to accept that the winter is just about over for most of the U.S. and we have turned our attention to sports that don't require snow. Random thought, what if NASCAR did require snow? Hmm? Anyway, this is a good one either way.

It would seem that a sponsor for NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick, Busch beer, said that if the 43-year-old driver didn't win the season finale at Homestead, they would give him a totally millennial car to drive. Though it seemed like such an announcement would be a joke and all in good fun, they are paying off with the car featured in this video.

If you are a millennial, then you can't help but love this car. It is truly a work of art in the world you are living in today. If you are not part of the millennials, then you can't help but cringe and chuckle at this thing and at the fact that a 43-year-old driver is going to be doing lefts in it this weekend. He does seem to be taking the bit in stride.

Now, this is funny even if one isn't a fan of NASCAR. However, there could be something to this. Think about it...there are more than a few of the top skiers and snowboarders, across several disciplines, that are in that millennial age range. Could this become a trend and we start to see their jackets and suits dressed up in a similar way? We have the whole summer to wait and see, but would you be surprised if it happened?


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