It's A Wonderful, Beautiful Spring Back Home In Vermont

Credit: Mt. Snow/Facebook (@MountSnowVermont)
Springtime in Vermont is such a wonderful time. As the winter ends, one can see how Vermont got the name "Green Mountain State". However, it would seem this year spring is on hold and Vermont might have to take "White Mountain State" from New Hampshire.

Now, snow in May in Vermont is not unheard of, but when it does happen it's usually right after the beginning of the month and is just flurries. There is never really any ground cover. That certainly has changed this year, as shown by some of my favorite ski hills from around my home state.

Just so you all know, these posts are from today, May 14. As we can see here my home mountain of Mount Snow has a bit more than a dusting. It looks like that could actually be an inch on the ground. I worked there for several years growing and I don't remember there ever being snow like that this time of year.

One time sister mountain to Mount Snow, from back in the American Ski Company days, Killington looks almost like a true winter wonderland today. As they said in the post it isn't enough to get operations going again, but it is still a little something to be excited about. It could almost make someone head up on foot just to take advantage of it.

Then there is Stratton, another mountain that I am very familiar with. Not only are the trails totally white, but their golf course is, too. You know, playing 18 holes in the snow could be a good time, if you have a contrasting color ball. But, they aren't wrong to question what time of year it is in the post.

There are also reports of other hills in Vermont that are getting some springtime snow showers a tad later than they are accustomed, too. The winter of 2018/2019 was, or maybe is, truly one to remember...especially since it won't end!


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