Looking For A Fun, Creative Video Today? -- WATCH

I would say that this video could fall under the "I've Never Seen This On A Ski Hill" bit, but this isn't taking place at a ski hill. This one has a more urban feel to it.

Though trampolines are used in training for freestyle athletes, one doesn't often see them being used in any way outside of that. That is the first unique thing one notices about this video. The second would be the hula hoop that a skier somehow fits through after a jump.

But then the trampoline is broken down to just the frame, though it seems that the crew involved didn't get the payoff they were hoping for when trying to grind on that frame.

All in all, a fun little edit with some creativity and a bunch of skiers just having fun. Oh, and it does have more video showing how many times they had to line up that hula hoop shot. Definitely not easy, and again, I'm not sure how he fit through that hoop.


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