Man Rescued From Swamp -- On Staten Island

Though this man was not on an actual hike or doing any kind of outdoor activity, his story still makes a few great points. The first of which is to always have that cell phone charged and ready to go. With coverage just about anywhere, it is now a great tool to have along with typical safety equipment. It made for a happy ending with this rescue.

After watching the video, you may have been surprised that this swamp was on Staten Island, NY. I think the second thing that can be learned from this story is that once a person leaves the pavement, danger can be anywhere.

One would not expect a swamp rescue from a part of one of the world's major cities. This is a story most would think would come out of the rural areas of our country. It could be said that the local authorities might have thought the same thing.

Always remember to watch your step, no matter where you might be walking, hiking, or while doing anything off the pavement. Oh, and as the victim's daughter said, keep that cell phone handy.


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