Rollerblade® Skate To Ski -- Stay Mountain Ready In The Off Season

Credit: Max Pixel [CC0]
There are a few sports we skiers and riders take up in the summer that involve wheels. One of those sports is inline skating. The premier name in inline skating, Rollerblade®, has introduced a system that will not only help one to stay in shape in the offseason but keep those skills finely tuned for when it begins to snow again.

The system is called Rollerblade® Skate to Ski. It was developed via a partnership with U.S. Ski and Snowboard, the Professional Ski Instructors of America, and the National Ski Patrol to bring a legitimate and functional offseason cross-training program to the table. Watch, and listen, as the program is described by pro ski coach and Olympian Doug Lewis.

Doug Lewis Skate to Ski Overview from Rollerblade® on Vimeo.

Inline skating has always been a wonderful way for anyone to maintain their physical fitness. With this new system, honing and maintaining one's skiing ability can now be much easier.

The website for the Rollerblade® Skate to Ski program features links for their mobile apps, which are available for iOS and Android. If taking your phone skating is not something you do, you're in luck. They have also provided a downloadable, paper version of the program. These offerings are also alongside tips, tricks, and help with gear selection to make using their system much easier.


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