Ski Rex Burns Too Easy Anyway -- An Answer As To Why People Burn Easier At Higher Elevations

For those in the world that know me best know that it doesn't take much for me to sunburn. In fact, it has almost become a running gag amongst my group of friends. Some of my friend's children even got me a whole sunscreen survival pack for my birthday.

Now, we all know that we should have sunblock on at the mountain. We all know that the snow we are skiing or riding on reflects the sun's rays back at us, making it much easier to get a sunburn while out on the mountain. But, those who are going way up are going to get it even worse. Watch at Sam Schreier (@SamASchreier), a meteorologist for KOAA News 5 in Colorado Springs, explains how this all works.

I think the thing we should all take away from this is that you should always have your sunblock with you, no matter where you are. But, always be on the lookout for those places where it could be even more important to have it, like in the higher elevations. For me, it's just another day outside as I carry the stuff everywhere I go.


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