Snowboarding For The Lord -- A Blessed Run From A Vicar In Manchester, England

One of the greatest things about skiing, riding, and winter sports, in general, is that anyone can, and should, participate. All it takes is a hill and some snow...unless you're Candide Thovex, then the snow is optional. Anyway, in this case, we are talking about religion and watching a priest doing an indoor run at Chill Factore in Manchester, England.

Though this turned out to be more than just a run for the vicar. This was a full blessing, which included a service at the bottom of the hill. During the run and blessing, there was also a choir performing, rounding out the full church experience.

All of this was a way to celebrate the end of the European ski season and make light of the upcoming indoor season, which we can't relate to because we don't have a facility like this in the United States. But, we can respect it and offer our blessings and respect to our brothers and sisters across the pond. Enjoy those summer indoor runs.


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