The Greatest Shot Ski Video In History!!!

There are times in sports the will go down in history as "Epic Moments". This is one of those moments that won't have to wait for history to decide.

At The Slot Bar, located at the Village at Sqauw Valley, there were four super huge names in skiing taking a shot ski. From left to right you have Scot Schmit, Mike Hattrup, Jonny Moseley, and Glan Plake tossing one back. Yes, some of the Godfathers of big mountain, extreme skiing, and an Olympic superstar.

But wait...what's that in The Slot Bar post? Does that say "Taking a shot off of Shane McConkey's own spatula ski no less"? It certainly does! I think we should give a shout out to whoever built The Slot Bar because it is surprising that any building can contain that much awesome!!!

It should also be said that Hattrup is a real beast in this video. Notice that, while assisting with the lift of the shot ski, he has a beer in his other hand. Kudos.

Photo Credit: The Slot Bar/Instagram (@the_slot_bar)


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