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The Mack Daddy Of Mega Passes Is Coming Out Of Europe

Credit: Snowpass.com
As the "Mega" pass idea continues to gain ground worldwide, it seems that a European addition is going to be the biggest there is.

Promising over 100 resorts, the Snowpass Card is going to surpass even the more commonly known Epic Pass and Ikon Pass.

Like its competitors, the Snowpass Card is going to be multinational, covering nine countries across the whole of Europe, which obviously includes several in the Alps.

Credit: Snowpass.com
As you can see, the initial price is going to an amazing deal for about $442. That's an incredible deal for covering 100 ski resorts. That price is limited to the first 50,000 passes, however. The price will then increase to about $1000. That is still a pretty good deal considering the number of hills one could visit, which will be officially posted tomorrow, May 8. However, you can get a look at them now by following the link below. As you will see, there are even a few "top secret" hills that will be announced in the coming weeks.

Ski Resorts

Ski Resorts

The pass officially goes on sale May 12 at 12:12:12. That would be the time in Lisbon, Portugal, so make sure you plan accordingly for your time zone if you wish to take advantage of this deal.

Now, for Americans, it would make sense that the Epic and Ikon Passes are going to be the go-to passes for next winter. However, if you have been thinking about taking a winter and heading to Europe, this might be the time to do it. 

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