The Race Is On For The First Indoor Ski Facility In North America -- Place Your Bets!!!

Big SNOW At American Dream - Credit: Brad Miller Millertime83 [CC BY-SA 3.0]
via Wikimedia Commons
As of right now, there are two facilities that could be the first indoor ski facilities, not only in the United States but in North America. Which one will get to take that top honor? Let's take a look at both facilities.

The first is Big SNOW at the American Dream complex in northern New Jersey. This large shopping and entertainment complex next to the Meadowlands has been under construction for about 15 years, having opening dates pushed back time and time again. However, there has been a report that the complex will be ready to open in Fall 2019, which was reported on the Ski Rex Media Facebook page.

The second facility that could be opening in the United States is the recently proposed Fairfax Peak project, proposed by Alpine-X. This proposed project would build an indoor ski facility on top of a landfill that is off I-95 in Lorton, VA in Fairfax County. 

This facility will be one of the biggest in the world, coming in at 450,000 square feet, a 1,700-foot long ski slope, and an altitude of about 280 feet. The facility will be set to be used as a world-class training facility, competition venue with a slope compliant to FIS standards, and a tourist destination that will include restaurants, shops, and a 100-plus room luxury hotel.

If the Alpine-X proposal is accepted, the company has projected a finishing time for the first phase in 36 to 48 months.

Now, for those doing the math in their heads, you realize that this fall is much sooner than 36 to 48 months down the line. However, the Amerian Dream complex has been under construction for almost 15 years with various issues slowing it down. This includes the opening being delayed twice this year alone. With that in mind, the two years for the Fairfax project could see it getting done first.

In either case, an indoor ski facility in the United States could have a ton of potential and it is with great anticipation that one of the facilities gets to open. It could make for a really good time. Let's watch and see who makes it to the finish line first.


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