There Is Still Snow At Lee Canyon/Mt. Charleston -- The Lifts Are Closed, But It's Cool To See

Lee Canyon - Credit: KSNV Channel 3 Las Vegas
As the winter in the high elevations continues on as if it isn't almost summer, there are some areas that are slowly starting to melt off. Mt. Charleston, which overlooks southern Nevada, is one of those areas.

This time of year Mt. Charleston and the Lee Canyon area are gearing up for their summer activities, but as can be seen in this report from KSNV in Las Vegas, there is still a little winter left hanging on up in those hills.

Southern Nevada was not immune to this incredible winter of 2018/19. In fact, there were reports of snow of up to an inch in the city of Las Vegas, something that is nearly unheard of in the desert playground. The precipitation has been continuing into the spring with heavier rainfall as well, with Las Vegas already recording rainfall amounts close to the annual average.


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