Torn Between Supporting Such Behavior And Not Supporting Such Behavior

Credit: Fabian Bösch/Instagram (@buhsch)
Oh to be young again. To be carefree and throw caution to the wind and spit in the eyes of the rules and the people who make them. Honestly, I don't think I ever want to be part of that life again, but here we have a video of a group that does.

Now, you would think that such shenanigans would be from a group of knuckle-draggin' snowboarder punks, but alas, it is from a group of clean-cut skiers who seem to have lost their way. I'm just kidding snowboarders. Ski Rex doesn't support the old-time battle of skier vs. snowboarders, you know that.

I also hope you know to not try something like this at your local hill. If you get caught the patrol will take your pass, escort you off the hill, and might even call the cops. That's if you don't get hurt trying to pull off this little maneuver.

With that said, however, most of us will admit to having thought about this one on an occasion or two. Swiss pro skier and X-Games champion Fabian Bösch decided to live the dream for us and do a chairlift hang. Even Better, he did it using the advice of Lennon and McCartney by doing it with a little help from his friends. Watch and enjoy, whether you support such behavior or not.


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