With Great Snow Comes Great Responsibility...And Water

Credit: California Dept. of Water Resources/Facebook (@CADWR)
It would seem that the monster of a winter California has had is going to continue to pay off even after the lifts have finally stopped spinning.

Though most of the focus of snow news go to the ski resorts, the California Department of Water Resources has a bit of good news to share as well.

In their final survey at Phillips Station, CADWR recorded 47 inches of snow depth, with a snow water equivalent of 27.5 inches. The snow water equivalent is the depth the water would be if all the snow melted instantaneously.

That means that California will be getting a good share of water in the coming weeks, which is always good news for a state that gets to have more than its share of drought. But, this wonderful news about a large amount of water does come with a need for planning.

"California’s cities and farms can expect ample water supplies this summer,” said DWR Director Karla Nemeth. “But it’s critical that it’s put to use replenishing groundwater basins and storage reservoirs for the next inevitable drought. Every resident and business can also help California by using water as efficiently as possible.”

So, as the water starts to fill up waterways and lakes, make sure that you are still using it in a responsible way. That way, just in case there isn't a 2018/19 winter repeat for a while, no one will have to scrounge for just a little bit of water.


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