80-Year-Old Hiker Recused From Mt. Washington, NH -- Criminal Charges Not Out Of The Realm Of Possibility

Credit: Matthias Nonnenmacher [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
This past Thursday, June 13, an 80-year-old hiker from Ohio was rescued while on the Lion Head Trail on Mt. Washington, NH.

James Clark was hiking with two family members. Their plan was to reach the summit the mountain from Pinkham Notch Visitors Center.

During the hike, however, Clark was left behind as the other members of the group proceeded ahead without him. The group did reach the summit but used a different trail to head back to the visitors center. It was approximately 7:45 PM that the group called for a rescue as Clark did not arrive at the visitors center.

Officers from the NH Fish and Game Dept. and members of the Appalachian Mountain Club began a search and rescue operation, which did prove successful. When Clark was found he was in a fetal position and suffering from what appeared to be hypothermia.

The overnight rescue found the team carrying Clark to the Mount Washington Auto Road and arriving there at 5:00 AM. From there Clark was transported to the bottom of the mountain and then taken by ambulance to a local hospital. At current, Clark did survive the ordeal.

There have also been reports that the Fish and Game Dept. are talking about pressing charges on those who left Clark to fend for himself on the mountain. This does not only include billing the family for the rescue, but there could be a chance of criminal charges as well. This has to be discussed with the state's attorney general before a decision is made.


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