A Digital Map Of The Vermont Long Trail Is Now Available

Credit: Green Mountain Club
For those who do not know, the Long Trail in Vermont is a 272-mile that runs from the border with Massachusetts to the border with Canada. This trail takes hikers to some of Vermont's highest peaks and deepest backcountry. It is because of how remote this trail can be that it is always good to have a map when hiking along the LT. Now, that map can be right on one's mobile device.

"Joining the area-specific digital maps offered last fall, Green Mountain Club’s complete map of the Long Trail is now available as a digital map through the free Avenza Maps app in the App Store and Google Play. After installing the Avenza Maps app on your mobile device, visit the Green Mountain Club map page to purchase your map today."

The Green Mountain Club, the organization that maintains the Long Trail, has said that the app-based map will not need a data connection, which can be very scarce in the Vermont backcountry. However, the club does suggest having a paper version of the map as a backup, as mobile devices can break and run out of power. Such maps are available in the Green Mountian Club shop.


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