A Mountain Bike Edit, But Almost Looks Like A Horror Flick -- VIDEO

Credit: SCRAP/Vimeo
Over the last few years, action sports edits and films have started to become more works of art than just videos showing jump after jump after jump. Some of the more modern edits and films have cinematography and sound that rivals even some of the large blockbuster films we head out to see in the theaters. This, in my opinion, is one of those films.

This is a pretty standard mountain bike edit at its core. You have a rider, Joel Durcot, tearing through the forest on a bike. However, all of the visuals, some of the more beautiful I've seen in a mountain bike film, seem like something out of a horror movie or a sci-fi thriller movie. That, combined with music and sound design to match those visuals, makes this one of the more unique action sports to come around in while.

This one really is a sight to behold and you shouldn't miss it. So now, enjoy "Scott Sports - Ransom // Speed" from production company Scrap, for Scott Sports.

Scott Sports - Ransom // Speed from SCRAP on Vimeo.


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