A Rap Track Based On The Ski Bum Lifestyle -- VIDEO

The music that any one of us connects with the most is music that we can relate to. It doesn't matter the genre, as long as the message is one we can jibe with.

I feel as if a lot of us can connect with the mountain lifestyle or the ski bum lifestyle. That being said, rapper Augustyn has released a track based around those lifestyles. Not only is the video for "Away We Go" filmed in the mountains and in a terrain park, lyrically the song is all about a life we have all experienced in one way or another. There is even a reference to Jerry of the Day, which is almost a staple of ski/riding bum media.

Even if you aren't into the modern form of rap, take a look at the video. You might find something you like in the visuals and film locations or you might realize that rap is something that you can enjoy.


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