A Wicked Unique Snowboard -- "SPRING BOARDING - FUTURESHOCK" -- VIDEO

The great thing about this video is that it is an example of the difference between asking "Why?" and "Why not?". This clearly asked the latter with a snowboard build that you will probably never see again anywhere else. Then again, you might. Someone might get squirrely and pull a copy cat on this.

In any case, this video comes from Shredbots Official channel on YouTube and features riders from Futureshock TV. Now, and this should have been said earlier, this is not about spring riding, though it might have taken place during the spring season. No, this is about riding on springs. Watch the video to see what I mean.

If you're like me you kind of wish they talked more about what it was like to ride that board. I have to say that although the springs looked a little stiff, this might be a wonderful thing for those who have knees that just aren't up to par anymore. Might take some of the hurt out of riding. If not, well it was still a great, unique idea and must have been a little fun to ride...or not.


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