A Woman Has Died Hiking Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Credit: wwoods [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
There are reports of a woman who has died while hiking Mount Washington in New Hampshire.

It has been reported that New Hampshire officials say that 63-year-old Sandra Lee, of Mount Tabor, NJ, died of an unknown medical condition while hiking with family members on Mount Washington. During that attempted hike conditions were actually below-freezing. Lee appeared to be showing symptoms of hypothermia, causing the family members to call 911.

State park staff based at the summit were the first to respond by heading downhill to meet the group on the trail. They provided warm clothing to the group. From there, two conservation officers assisted Lee to the Mount Washington Auto Road, where she was taken to a local hospital by ambulance.

Later, Lee was pronounced dead at the hospital. A specific cause of death has yet to be released.


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