A World Record Ski BASE Jump From The Tallest Mountain In Europe -- VIDEO

Ski BASE jumping, one of the more rare disciplines, if one could call it that, in our sport now has a brand new record. French skier and BASE jumper Matthias "Super Frenchie" Giraud has gone all the way up to the summit of Mt. Blanc in the French Alps, skied for a bit, and then jumped off the side of it!

This is not only the first time that someone has taken a ski BASE jump from the summit of Mt. Blanc, but this is also the world record for the highest ski BASE jump.

BASE jumping is always exciting to watch, especially when there is skiing added to it. Even watching this film, knowing that Giraud would be fine, one's breath is still taken away the second he leaves the cliff side. This really is quite the accomplishment and something to behold.


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