From The Goofier Side Of Snowboarding Videos -- WATCH -- "Monster School : GIRLS and BOYS SNOWBOARD CHALLENGE - Minecraft Animation"

I'm always on the lookout for new skiing/snowboarding videos and film. That means coming across stuff that is awesome, not so good, bizarre, and sometimes just a little goofy. Part of me feels that this falls under goofy, but it is for kids, so maybe it isn't as goofy as I think.

If you have children or are around children you may have seen these "Monster School" videos before. My own niece and her friend watch them from time to time. Although they really aren't my thing I do get a chuckle out of them once in a while. But, there this one that involves snowboarding comes out. I couldn't pass it up and now I bring it to you. This is one that you watch with your little ones. Who knows? Maybe when not on the slopes you're a Minecraft player. That puts this right in your wheelhouse. Enjoy!


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