Granite Gorge Ski Area, New Hampshire -- Is It Going To Be Auctioned Off?

Granite Gorge, NH - Credit: Granite Gorge/FB (@granitegorge.skiarea)
I always seem to take notice when a ski area or resort comes up for sale and that is for a couple of reasons. The first is the most obvious. Ski areas and resorts being up for sale are part of ski industry news and I try to report the news the best that I can. The second reason is that I do feel it would be great for Ski Rex Media HQ to actually be a, or at least on a ski hill. It just seems fitting.

Having said that, Ski Rex Media is still kind of new and still very small, so the dream of moving the HQ to a hill will have to wait. In the case of this hill, even if it were possible for me to make a bid, it might not be for sale.

In an article for the Keene Sentinel in Keene, NH there is an article about Granite Gorge Ski Area being scheduled for a foreclosure auction. This auction was to take place on the property on Monday, July 8.

Granite Gorge is a small, local hill just east of Keene, NH in the southern part of the state. These kinds of hills are great and I support them being up an running. So, aside from my own dream of having a Ski Rex branded hill, it would be great if someone or a group could come alone, pick this property up at auction, and keep it running for the locals.

But there is a hitch and it comes from the ski area. On the Granite Gorge Facebook page, a post went up around noon on June 21 that claims that the auction is not happening.

Is this statement correct? It's hard to tell. If one goes back to the article in the Keene Sentinel, it's reported that the auctioneers still have the property listed on their website.

JSJ Auctioneers- Auction 2019-200

Skiing, snowboard, & tubing facility located on 3 contiguous lots totaling 146± acres in the Town of Roxbury and City of Keene * This ski area is improved with 20 trails for all levels from beginner to expert, a 3,839± SF lodge, a 2,827± SF yurt, and a maintenance building * The lodge houses a lobby, rental center, restrooms and a bar & grill * The site has 1,200± FF along Rte.

That does make it hard to tell what is really going on here, but I see it going one of two ways. One, the company that runs Granite Gorge have settled up with their bank, made any arrangements that needed to be made, and they are good to go for next season. That would be awesome. As I have said, I support local hills and what they mean to the communities that they serve. I wish them all the best and I will even take the trip over there to ski next year. It's only an hour away from the current Ski Rex Media HQ.

The second way I see this going is that the social media post is just wrong. These things happen in business and mistakes are made for whatever reason. In those cases, however, it's better for people just to keep their mouths closed and stay off of social media until things are settled concretely. In that case, I hope the next buyer is able to make this mountain work. That's a great, little area of NH and I'm sure it would benefit from having the ski area remain open.

In any case, as the July sell date gets closer, and if you are in the market to run a ski area, take a look at this one. It's being valued at just under $550,000 with a $14,000 tax bill. That really isn't bad. Believe me, if I had the capital to make it happen, and if the sale happens, I would be there looking to make this the new Ski Rex Media HQ.


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