Heli-Mountain Biking Is Available In Utah

Credit: Whisper Ridge Backcountry Resort/FB (@WhisperRidgeUtah)
For those who have experienced the adventure of a heli-skiing trip and want to get a taste in the offseason, or for those who don't ski or ride and want to find out what all the hype about a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain is all about, Whisper Ridge Backcountry Resort in Utah now has a solution.

Being hailed as the first offering of heli-biking in the lower 48 states, the Whisper Ridge program allows for riders to get a piece of their 70,000 private acres without having to walk a bike up the hill.

Start out by booking your pass, which starts at $200 for the first drop, which gets yous up 3,000' of vertical per descent. Want to get up again? Kick them another $100 and go up again. Beyond that, there are other options that allow for more riding with up to six people in a group. 

Also, that group of six you are riding with is part of a limited number of guests that are on the mountain at any given time, which is one of the bonuses to riding at a private resort.

This could make for a serious mountain bike adventure and Whisper Ridge is taking bookings as you read this. Make sure to head to the Whisper Ridge Backcountry Resort website for more information and to get in contact with the hill to book your trip.


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