How Well Do You Eat? -- "5 Nutrition Tips For Skiers" From SKI Magazine

Credit: Yellowstone National Park/Flickr
I can't necessarily agree with how this article for SKI Magazine is presented. I mean, with an opening line like "A lot of us would start eating differently if we realized—like, really internalized—that food is fuel, not just a filler." one can't help but feel as if the author is talking down to them.

We all know that eating is important and the reasons why we need to eat. We are all also very much aware when we eat like crap. Having said that, it isn't bad to present a few tips for those looking to break the bad eating habits and the ones in this article are from a pro and do make a lot of sense.

So, if you are looking to add some nutritional balance and know how to your skiing and riding days, have a look at the article. You might find it useful. Enjoy!

5 Nutrition Tips for Skiers

A lot of us would start eating differently if we realized-like, really internalized-that food is fuel, not just a filler. Yes, we need to eat to stave off hunger, but more importantly, we need to eat to give our bodies the fuel it needs to perform at its best-on and off the slopes.


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