If I Were To Write A Fictional Ski Story, In What Medium Should I Release It?

Credit: Bibliothek Wissenschaftspark Albert Einstein [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Most of the pieces I write for Ski Rex Media are either blog posts or non-fiction news pieces. But, I think I have an idea for a story that is outside the realms of journalism.

Now, this story mixes skiing/riding with the world of science fiction. What can I say? That is the genre that I tend to support whether it's books, movies, or other formats. Which is where my question comes in. How should I release my story? Here are the choices.

  1. I could write it as a novel or series of short novels, depending on which I think would better serves the story. The advantages here are that books are an almost perfect invention and there is also the ease of digital distribution that can be used with or instead of traditional print.
  2. This story could be done as a comic book or graphic novel. History has shown that this format goes great with a sci-fi or fantasy story. I mean, look at how well comic book characters are doing these days, even though it is in movies, but still. Comic books are where they came from. Also, it gives a chance to tell a story with a visual element without the cost of a film and would be much easier to produce.
  3. The story could be released as a film or even a series, but as I said, there could be a high cost that comes with that kind of production, as well as not being as easy as getting a comic book artist to work on the story. Have I written screenplays? Yes, but it's not the writing the bothers me. I feel that my story might be more than Ski Rex Media could handle or fund.
  4. I have thought about adapting the story to fit an "old-time" radio broadcast, similar to those of the early 20th century. This would not only be unique, but it could be a fun way to do it. Also, with it being audio only, it could be an easy way to digest the story, similar to an audio book, but with more to it.
So, those are my ideas so far. To be honest, I'm not sure I actually have a story yet. The outlines that I have put together feel solid so far, but in the end, there really may not be a story there. However, I would still like an input you all could give, which would help in the production of the story no matter which format is used. Thank You!!!


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