If You Aren't Sure Already -- "9 Best Hairstyles For Skiing That Won't Get In The Way Of Your Ride" From Bustle

Credit: Photo by Tiffany Bui from Pexels
For those who have been following Ski Rex Media for a bit, you have come to know that I like to sneak in these little fashion pieces from time to time. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, I feel that, although picked on from time to time, the "girly-girl" skiers and riders are allowed to enjoy the mountain the same as the rest of us. Second, most of the Ski Rex Media fans that are women don't seem to be part of that group and I chuckle knowing what I am going to see from them in comments.

In any case, this one could actually be kind of practical, although I have a feeling that most women who have been skiing for more than five minutes know all of this already. So, it really does come down to me having fun with those ladies that find the "girly-girls" not so appealing. Enjoy!

7 Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Skiing, Snowboarding, & Other Outdoor Snow Activities

There's nothing I love more than spending time outdoors during the winter, but looking cute when it's 15 degrees outside, dressed in layers and layers of gear can be a challenge. This is especially true when it comes to figuring out how to style...


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