I've Never Seen This At A Ski Hill -- A Dancing Liftie -- VIDEO

Credit: Sam Heffernan/FB
During my time in the ski industry, I have gotten to know more than my share my of lifties. Fact is, the liftie is one of the unsung heroes of the mountain. With very few exceptions, the liftie is one of the nicest and most social people you could meet. Having said all that, I have never seen a liftie go the extra mile like the guy.

This video was taken at The Remarkables Skifield in Queenstown, New Zeland. A Facebook user named Sam Heffernan. Now, we can only guess as to the actual scenario here. Was Mr. Heffernan on the right lift at the right time or does this liftie throw down like on the regular? Either way, this is an amazing video and I only hope that all of us can come across a similar scenario one day.


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