Look At You Castle Rock, Colorado -- Year Round Skiing In The Works Spitting Distance From Denver

Credit: Miller's Landing
After a winter like 2018/2019, year-round skiing may or may not be on the minds of the fine folks of the great state of Colorado. Parts of the state really don't have much of a choice currently. But, in the town of Castle Rock, there are plans for a complex that could guarantee turns no matter how good or bad the winter might be.

The Miller's Landing complex, set to be built on what was once the city landfill, is going to be an office and retail complex with the bonus of a year-round ski hill.

As reported by Denver 7, the project is set to begin this year, headed up by P3 Advisors. The project will then continue with a completion date set within the next six years. However, the ski hill could be done within the first year.


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