Mud Skiing -- Because Playing In The Mud Never Gets Old -- VIDEO

Credit: Tim Durtschi/IG (@timdurtschi)
I was considering putting this up as part of the "I've Never Seen This At A Ski Hill" series, but this is not a ski hill. This is just a skier being pulled through a mud hole they found in the great state of Nevada.

In this post from Tim Durtschi (@timdurtschi), he mentions that "We were told to return the truck as muddy as we could..." and clearly did not disappoint. It would seem that the group returned a skier as muddy as they could, as well.

The question here isn't why they did it. I mean, that question is answered in the post anyway. No, the real question here is "Why not?". I feel pretty safe in saying that just about all of us would try this given the opportunity.


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