New Video From Shredbots -- "FOURTHWALL - FUTRESHOCK" -- VIDEO

It's very hard for me to resist an urban skiing/riding edit. They have become my favorite sub-genre in the world of action sports film making. I feel that it is the uniqueness of these types of films that really draws me in. To that point, I still have people look at me in a puzzled way when I bring up the idea of urban skiing and riding. Most people can't seem to grasp that skis and boards can come off of the mountain.

With that said, there are those groups that do have a vision of taking their boards into town. Enter a new offering from Shredbots. Once again they bring to us a video that features the crew from Futureshock showing off their riding skills in an urban environment. There are more than enough handrails, street jumps, and local playgrounds to keep anyone who enjoys urban riding entertained.

The whole edit is under 10 minutes, so not only is it worth watching, it's a short one, so take the time to check it out. However, there were moments that I, personally, would put at the top of this video. The first comes at the 2:45 mark with a little fence cap double tap. It was a quick one-off trick, but I really liked the look it. The next moment for me was at 5:24. The transition from the rail to a short roof and then to the ground landing was great. I just felt like this was a great use of the area features. Lastly, the use of the bridge at 5:37 spoke to the New Englander in me. I get that it's a little footbridge, but it reminded me of the old, wooden covered bridges we have here.

But, even aside from those moments, this is another film showing not only the creativity with the use of the local features but visual creativity as well. There were some great shots in the edit and I would suggest it to anyone to watch. 


Please check out the Ski Rex Media sponsors and partners. I love these folks and I think you would, too.