No, Not A Gallagher Bit -- Watermelon Skiing Will Be A Thing At The California Watermelon Festival

The California Watermelon Festival sounds and looks like a good time. But, the thing that caught my eye was the idea of Watermelon Skiing! Now, I like watermelon as much as the next person. It really is delicious. But skiing on watermelons, that's something else. I would love to show you all this, however, strapping a pair to one's feet and riding them is going to be debuted at this year's festival. So, we'll have to wait until after the weekend to see this in action. But, we do have a description from a festival press release;

"Melon mania expands the limits of the seedy super sized fruit. For the first time ever, patrons can step into carved-out watermelon halves and “melon ski” across a greased canvas to showcase their skills as the crowd cheers them on."

Is this going to be a good idea? Well, that is yet to be determined. Would I love to watch this? You're 100% right I would and do kind of wish I was in California to check it out. But, if you're in the Lakeview Terrace area of CA and wish to see the debut of this new ski discipline, don't hesitate to check it out. Tickets range from $10-$20 for the day and being that this is a full-on festival there will be plenty of food and entertainment aside from the melon skiing event. More information can be found at the California Watermelon Festival website and its social media pages.


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