Pennsylvania Kids Might Not Have A Chance At Turns -- NO MORE SNOW DAYS!!!

Credit: stoneyridgefarmky/pixabay
As one of the days any northern or mountain kid looks forward to every school year, the snow day is a day to sit at home, watch TV, or more often a day to get out there with the skis, boards, and sleds. For kids in Pennsylvania, that might be changing a little bit.

Lawmakers in Pa have passed Senate Bill 440, a bill that would allow for "flexible Instructional Days". These days would provide a way for students to study and complete assignments at home, counting towards the average 180 days designed into each school year.

The news of this bill passing received mixed reactions from the population in the way one would expect. The adults were all for it and the kids were all against it, as seen in this report from CBS 3 in Philadelphia.

As Gov. tom Wolf stated in the clip, if there is no broadband, one couldn't do a cyber snow day. However, school districts that do apply for this program will have to provide a way for students to gain access with an internet connection.

Could this be the end of snow day fun for PA students? That will be seen as the program moves forward. Let's just hope that these kids can get in all the turns they want during the holidays.


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