Teen Makes Suggestion For "The Bachelor" To Mt Bachelor -- The Mountain Response Was Awesome

Credit: Mt. Bachelor/FB (@mtbachelorfanpage)
 The story here is that a teenage fan of the show "The Bachelor" on ABC was looking to send the network a suggestion for another version of the reality/contest show. After doing a little research the teen was able to mail the letter, though the teen ended up picking the wrong mailing address.

Instead of reaching a network executive somewhere in Hollywood, the letter ended up reaching the fine folks at Mount Bachelor Ski Resort. Taking the mistake in stride, the folks at the resort responded to the letter on their Twitter page and even gave the teen a way to get to know the mountain better.

The kid is kind of lucky and we can all only hope that they will be able to take advantage of those tickets. Also, let's hope that with the exposure of this mistake that the people at ABC actually do get to see the suggestion letter.


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