"The Best Hiking Trails In Every State" According To Reader's Digest

Credit: Allagash Brewing [CC BY2.0]
One of the things common with lists that say "Top 10 This" or "Best That" is that they feel like they really are just using the most popular names that could be found for the topic. Is that true with this list? Well, to be honest, I'm not sure because I haven't hiked in all 50 states. So, since there are 50 entries and I haven't been to them all, have a look at the list in the link below. Then I'll give a quick opinion on the list.

The Best Hiking Trails in Every State

Just visiting Gillette Castle State Park, without doing tons of walking, you'll see pretty views of the Connecticut River. But follow the 1.3-mile path to the medieval-looking stone castle (open Memorial Day through Labor Day), and you'll get to see the former home of actor, William Gillette, built between 1914 and 1919.

Now, being that I am a Vermonter, I was not surprised that the Long Trail made this list. I also wasn't surprised to see that the Appalachian Trail came up once. Aside from that, however, I feel like this list might have a few entries that aren't just the most popular or best known. There might be a few on this list that really are just the best the state has to offer.

But, that would be for readers from each state to agree or disagree with. In any case, this list can be used for ideas on where to go for a hiking adventure in your home state or one that is close enough to visit.


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