The Southern Hemisphere Ski Season Continues To Ramp Up, This Time In Chile -- Valle Nevado Opens This Weekend

Credit: Valle Nevado Ski Resort
Though there are still places here in the northern hemisphere that still have skiing and riding, some of which are open every day due to the amazing 2018/2019 winter, those looking to avoid summer altogether are heading to the southern hemisphere. Australia had a great start, but now it's time to turn one's attention to South America.

This weekend, June 28, Valle Nevado, Chile is open for business. Known as one of the top ski hills in the country, if not the continent, Valle Nevado picked up 16 inches of fresh snow this week, with another storm expected for, and to last through, the weekend.

Is a wicked good opening day snow report not good enough for you? Well, on Tuesday, July 2, the resort is going to be a prime viewing area for a solar eclipse. Not something to be seen every day, this eclipse is expected to bring a 92% blackout over the area. This might put a hold on skiing/riding for the day, but is a wicked bonus for those who will be in the area.


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