Two YouTubers Get Lucky In Court After Getting Caught Inside An Indoor Ski Facility After Hours

Credit: Snozone/FB (@SnowzoneUK)
It would seem that a couple of YouTube pranksters from across the pond got lucky in court after getting a very mild sentence after being in an indoor ski facility after hours.

The duo of Ally Law and Ryan Taylor were originally charged with theft from Snozone in Milton Keynes, a town in England northwest of London. The theft charge stemmed from evidence that the pair were stealing hot drinks during their time inside the facility. This took place in November of 2017.

It was recently that the pair were sentenced to 40 hours of community service on a lesser charge that amounts to stealing electricity. It has been reported that the judge made a comment about this case not being a good use of the court's time, believing the pair would just use the case as a way to gain more publicity.

It could be said that they did get off easy, however. Though just an opinion, this feels a lot more like trespassing and theft of a few things, not just simply leaving the lights on. These two young online stars certainly have made out like bandits this time.


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