Where Are You Watching 4th Of July Fireworks? -- Mammoth Mountain Has The Highest Show In The U.S.

Credit: Mammoth Mountain
For those looking to experience a different way to watch fireworks on Independence Day, Mammoth Mountain has got you covered. You can head out to California to see the fireworks show that is just a tad bit more unique than what most people think of.

"Hop on the Panorama Gondola for a scenic ride up to Mammoth's summit where a patriotic party awaits. Groove with Woolly, indulge in some all-American BBQ and enjoy a colorful, booming display of fireworks launched from 11,053'. Free viewing is available at the Adventure Center, or check out the VIP viewing options from the base of the mountain."

For those who typically head out to a lake or the local park field to celebrate, this might be a welcome change of pace. It isn't every day that someone can say they have seen the highest fireworks show in the nation. As an added bonus, you can ski and ride all day before sticking around to watch the show at night. Mammoth is still very open for winter activities.

As with some other July 4th celebrations, be mindful that this one is not on July 4th. It is on the following Saturday, July 6. The party starts that evening at 6 PM and runs to 9:30 PM. For all of the details, head over to the Mammoth Mountain website or their social media pages.


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