Who Is Taking It All Off Friday? -- National Nude Hiking Day Is June 21st

It has come to my attention that this Friday, June 21, is the unofficial National Naked Hiking Day. 

For those who wish to get a little more connected with nature by hiking Au Naturel, this would be the day to do it. That is if you wish to be part of a community of people who are going to be taking part in this nationally.

Now, I am not talking about this to be dirty and I am not advocating that any you go out there with unpure thoughts in mind. But, since this is going to be a thing, I think there are three things one needs to remember if participating.

Credit: Nadalo [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The first thing to remember is that clothing is not just for modesty. Clothing is also very much for safety. So, if you are going to go hiking with no clothes, remember to stay safe. That means don't go into an area that might be overgrown or that has a high chance of falling. Also, double up on the amount of sunblock that you bring, because sunburn on the shoulders can hurt bad enough. Actually, to that point, maybe double up on the bug spray, too. One might also want to keep their boots on, too. I know the idea is to be as naked as possible, but how many of you can handle that kind of terrain in bare feet? Besides all of that, though you may not be embarrassed hiking naked, you might be embarrassed being rescued naked. So please, if you are going to participate, try to anticipate nude safety needs.

Second, remember that this is an unofficial day because it isn't necessarily legal. Before you head out on your adventure to commune with nature, check with local officials to see how much you can take off before it becomes a legal issue. Now, it has been said that nudity is technically legal on federal lands, the local enforcement can probably still write you a ticket or put you in the lockup for the night. Safe yourself, and the authorities, the time and hassle and just check to see if your bare backside will get you in a little or a lot of trouble.

Third and lastly, try to remember that not everyone wants to see you naked. Each and every person out there has their own opinions on nudity and they aren't always going to agree with yours. If you happen to come across a place that has a ton of people, especially children, it might be better to get your clothes back on, at least long enough to assess how those people feel in that situation. One of the goals of all humanity should be to get along, so let's practice that if going out on the trail with nothing on our backs.

It really is all about common sense on this one, Kids. If you want to participate, just think a little before you do. For the sake of your own well being, for the sake of those around you, and for the sake of those who might have to pull your bare ass out of the woods.


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