Wyoming Highway Patrol And N.P.S. Plow Rescues A Car Stranded By Snow

Credit: Wyoming Highway Patrol/Facebook
Even as the calendar turns to the second week of June, snow can still cause issues for motorists in the United States. This past Saturday, June 8, the Wyoming Highway Patrol received a call of a stranded motorist on US 212 near Beartooth Pass. This was at around 12:30 AM.

An officer of the Wyoming Highway Patrol attempted to reach the motorist but was unable to make it through the deep snow. A friend of the victim also made the attempt in a four-wheel drive truck but was turned back by the 3-4" snow drifts that were present in that area.

Credit: Wyoming Highway Patrol/Facebook
It was just after 5 o'clock that morning that a National Park Service plow was dispatched to clear the roadway. Both the responding office and the plow made it to the driver and were able to shovel and plow the victim's vehicle out of the snow.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol and the National Park Service both wish to remind drivers that, even in the summer, mountain road travel conditions can change quickly and to be prepared in case one becomes stranded. They also urge drivers to be aware of the weather and road conditions by checking with local weather and roadway services.


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