You're In Luck, British Gingers! Free Skiing/Riding At Chill Factore, Manchester, U.K.

Credit: Chill Factore
Fighting off the sun in the summer is not an easy task for everyone. There are those of us who have fair complexions that get a sunburn just from walking outside to get the mail. Those same folks also burn like crazy on the ski slopes, since we get the rays from above and reflected from the snow below. But, Chill Factore in Manchester, England is going to provide a way to deal with it, at least for this weekend.

"While a lot of the UK will be basking in the sunshine this weekend, those with delicate complexions might struggle in the strong summer rays. Which is why here at Chill Factore, Manchester we are offering those with red hair free entry to our main slope with a Lift Pass or Snow Park."

Indoor facilities are wonderful for the fact that one can ski in the summer and not have to worry about carrying a bottle or two of sunblock. Chill Factore should be commended is helping out those of us who just can't be out in the sun without issue.

This promotion is being run currently, June 29 and 30. Full details are available at the Chill Factore website or you can check out their social media pages.

Just so it's said, I think it is awesome that the poster boy for this promotion seems like such a good sport about it. Cheers!


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