A Hiking Record Set In The Adirondacks -- 46 High Peaks In Less Than Seven Days

Credit: Yinan Chen [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons
A new record has been set for climbing all 46 High Peaks in the Adirondacks.

Michael Jock and Lukas Wear broke this record, finishing the trip on the morning of the 4th of July.

They were able to complete this feat, via a through-hike, in 6 days, 23 hours, and 45 minutes. They also did this unsupported, meaning they carried all of their food and took water from natural sources.

This was actually the pairs second attempt at breaking this record. The first attempt was in 2018, though they had to give up after their food was eaten by a bear.

Along with setting a new record, Jock and Wear also used the trip to raise money for charity. Over the two attempts, they raised close to $18,000 for the Dubi Breast Center at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, according to a report from newyorkupstate.com.

The trip for the record was recorded with GPS devices and posted to the website fastestknowntime.com, a website dedicated to collecting data and recording records of this type. At the site, there is detailed information about the record, past record times, and all of the detailed GPS information from Jock and Wear, as well as a description of the pair's activities each day of their hike.


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