A Short Documentary Featuring Splitboarding -- "The First Day Of Summer" -- VIDEO

Credit: Backdrop Journal/Vimeo
Though the first day of summer has since past, we all look for ways to keep the winter as near to us as we possibly can. For some, that involves venturing out into other parts of the world where there is still plenty of snow to be ridden if one is willing and able to put in the work to get to it.

In the short documentary The First Day Of Summer, we see a group of splitboarders traveling into the north of Iceland, seeking to ride places north of the arctic circle that still very much look like winter.

A beautifully narrated story about the reason and what is left behind for these adventures, which is set against the film of a splitboarding journey. There are some wonderful visuals here showing that the first day of summer isn't the same for some as it is here in most of the United States. Enjoy!

The First Day of Summer from Backdrop Journal on Vimeo.


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