Another Bison Incident -- Teen Gets Tossed By Bison In North Dakota

Credit: Stephen Pribut [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
A second incident involving a bison at a national park is being reported, this time from Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

A 17-year-old girl was making her way towards the parking lot from the Lower Paddock Creek Trail, according to a report from KFYR-TV in North Dakota. It was during that time that the girl passed between two male bison who had just finished fighting. One of the two males charged the girl, striking her and sending her about six feet into the air.

Again, park officials are sending out warnings of how dangerous animal encounters can be. In this case, it is mating season for the bison, making the males even more aggressive. It is recommended to keep one's distance from the animals at all times.

This bison incident comes within a week of another incident at Yellowstone National Park, in which a 9-year-old girl was also charged and tossed into the air, also by a bison.

A Little Girl Was Injured By A Bison In Yellowstone National Park

Park officials are continuing to remind visitors that the animals at Yellowstone National Parks, as well as any park or public land or wilderness, are wild and should be treated as such.
Investigations for both incidents are still ongoing and current conditions of both girls have not been made public.

As stated, park officials are warning visitors that animal encounters can be dangerous, that the animals are wild, and that all safety precautions should be taken. Please read all the information from National Park websites about animal safety or contact those parks with questions. They will be more than happy to help you stay safe for your visit.


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